TSB 064: Are You Hearing the Whispers?

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TSB 063: Are You Hearing the Whispers?

The secret to true leadership?

It's not talking, it's listening.

And true impact requires hearing what's said and what's not being said.

Are We Tuning Out the Unvoiced?

You might think the biggest challenge in your organization is fundraising or volunteer recruitment. But often, the biggest hurdle is a communication breakdown. You're surrounded by passionate people, but are you truly hearing their concerns, ideas, and frustrations?

Most CEOs Fall Back on Surveys and Town Halls.

These are great tools, but they have limitations, especially these "Great Places to Work" surveys. People might sugarcoat their responses to protect the organization or simply not participate. This leaves you with a sanitized version of reality, missing the crucial whispers that could revolutionize your impact.

Inauthenticity Breeds Silence.

If your team feels that its voices aren't valued, it will stop using them. Forced participation creates a performative environment, not a space for honest feedback.

How IntuWork Can Help You Hear the Whispers.

We go beyond anonymous surveys and surface-level interactions. We use techniques like focus groups and open-ended questions to create a safe space for honest dialogue. Where your team feels empowered to share not just successes but anxieties and roadblocks as well.

Action Steps: Become a CEO Who Listens Deeply.

  1. Start Small: Schedule one-on-ones with team members focusing on open-ended questions and active listening.
  2. Read Between the Lines: Pick up on the subtle cues by paying close attention to tone of voice, body language, and even hesitations in speech. 
  3. Consider the Context:  Piece together these nonverbal details and unspoken emotions, and you'll better understand the true message being conveyed.

By becoming a CEO who listens for the unspoken whispers, you unlock a treasure trove of untapped potential. You'll build a more engaged team, identify hidden problems, and ultimately maximize your impact.

Let IntuWork be your partner in creating a space where every voice is heard.

That's all for today. I'll see you again next Saturday!

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