TSB 063: The Art of Setting Goals with Dionne Victoria

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From Workshop to Action: How Dionne Victoria Leverages Strategic Planning for Students and Success

Have you ever participated in a training or workshop that felt amazing in the moment but then fizzled out when you tried to implement it?

Owner, artist, co-founder, and educator Dionne Victoria knows that struggle all too well. But unlike many, Dionne didn't let that stop her.

In this video interview with Allecia Harley, Dionne dives deep into her experience at IntuWork's Painless Strategic Planning Workshop and how it transformed her approach to goal setting, not just for her businesses, Dionne Victoria Studios and the Healing Academy, but for her art students as well.

Paving the Way with P.A.C.T. Goals

The secret weapon in Dionne's strategic planning arsenal? P.A.C.T. goals. This goal-setting framework emphasizes Purposeful, Actionable, Continuous, and Trackable goals. By incorporating P.A.C.T. into her strategic plan, which she learned at the IntuWork workshop, Dionne created a roadmap for Dionne Victoria Studios and the Healing Academy that was clear, actionable, and, most importantly, trackable.

Taking P.A.C.T. Back to the Boardroom

But Dionne's vision extended beyond her own studio and academy. She recognized the power of P.A.C.T. goals and brought the framework to her Board. Together, they used it to develop a strategic plan for the organization, ensuring everyone was aligned and working towards the same objectives.

Empowering Students Through P.A.C.T.

Dionne's commitment to P.A.C.T. goes even further. She's using it in her art classes to help students set meaningful goals for their creative endeavors. By guiding them through the P.A.C.T. framework, Dionne empowers students to define their artistic aspirations and develop the tools and strategies to achieve them.

Want to learn more about how the IntuWork Painless Strategic Planning Workshop can help you transform your goals?

  • Discover the transformative power of strategic planning workshops, just like Dionne.
  • Learn how to implement the P.A.C.T. goal-setting framework for success.
  • Gain the tools to empower yourself and others to achieve their goals.

The next Painless Strategic Planning Workshop is on Wednesday, April 17th, in downtown Chicago. Don't miss this opportunity to take your personal or professional goals to the next level. With Dionne's insights and the learnings from the IntuWork workshop, you can turn your strategic plans from ideas into action and pave the way for lasting success!

That's all for today. I'll see you again next Saturday!

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