TSB 006: An Over-the-Door Basketball Hoop Solved Everything, for Good.

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TSB 006: An Over-the-Door Basketball Hoop Solved Everything, for Good.

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This week's tip:  I want to buy an over-the-door basketball hoop for every office, classroom, and household in America so that we can gain some harmony.

Why? Because I've watched, over the last two and a half years, as it served as a confidence builder, an emotional outlet, and a source of physical exercise for my fifteen-year-old son.

That over-the-door basketball hoop was there for him, waiting on the first floor of our three-story townhouse when he needed a stretch break between Zoom classes. It was something to do in the deep winter. It was a getaway from his micro-managing parents, who work on the third floor.

It gave him a way to cope during the crisis. It helped him regulate his emotions. Best of all, it enabled him to practice mindfulness.

Truth be told, it's a practice he picked up in middle school.

At the time, he was frequently frustrated with group projects, and the social worker suggested that he use the basketball hoop in her office to blow off steam.

When he visited her office somewhat frequently, asking to shoot some hoops, she suggested we get one at home.

Little did she know - that small purchase would solve everything. Now our teenager can self-regulate his emotions and release his frustrations like a pro.

These days, I enjoy hearing the rhythmic sound of the tiny ball hitting the mini backboard. This sound was very annoying at the start (even though it's two floors away).

When the sound stops, I look forward to seeing those long, lanky legs sprint up the steps and round the corner, past the office my husband and I share, into his bedroom.

Reflecting a bit, haven't we all experienced some frustration, fear, anxiety, or trauma due to the strains of the past few years?

What would this world look like if we had an easy way for ourselves and others around us to quickly blow off steam in a healthy, productive, and mindful way?

What if you could leave a stressful meeting and shoot a couple of baskets before the next one started?

What if students could take it to the hole each time they solved a math problem correctly on the classroom whiteboard?

Here's a novel idea; what if we all scored a few points before we got in the car to leave the house? Would there be less road rage?

I think so.

I realize a basketball hoop won't work for everyone. And I don't plan to make any massive purchases to solve the world's problems.

But I do know you, my reader.

What is your "basketball hoop," and how will you support creating simple outlets to help your team self-regulate as we adapt to this post-crisis environment?

I'd love to hear what you're thinking and how you create harmony. 

Thanks for joining me in the Boardroom, and I'll see you next Saturday! 

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