TSB 004: Be great at serving on a nonprofit board in 3 months or less.

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TSB 004: Be great at serving on a nonprofit board in 3 months or less.

Read Time: 2 minutes

This week's tip:  Be great at serving on a nonprofit board in three months or less.

Here’s how:

  1. Spend a few minutes thinking about the types of organizations you prefer to donate your time and treasure to and the skills you have to offer them.

  2. Take a look at your budget and determine the amount you are willing to donate on a monthly or annual basis.

  3. Use BoardStrong.org, VolunteerMatch.org, or Idealist.org to locate organizations looking for board members that match your interests and financial means.

  4. Update your resume with relevant experiences and create a cover letter to be prepared for the questions they may ask about why you’re interested in their board, what skills do you bring that will benefit the board, etc.

  5. Prepare for interviews with the board recruitment committee the same way you would for a job interview (interview them too) and ace it!

  6. Respond to all requests for information within 24 hours – at least let them know when you can get back to them with the information requested.

  7. Review the annual reports, board policies, bylaws, etc.

  8. Invite former and current board members to lunch or coffee and learn about their experiences.

  9. Be clear on the financial and time commitment required, then show energy and enthusiasm for the role.

  10. Once you’re on the Board, read through the orientation materials and be prepared to ask questions.

  11. Make sure you are clear on why they chose you and what problem you are solving for them.

  12. Review the board packet before the meeting and be prepared with a few questions (not too many, as you don’t want to make it an inquisition).

  13. Join a committee and get to work.

  14. Create a year-one fundraising plan and get started.

You’re well on your way to having a successful experience as a nonprofit board member in three months or less!

See you again next Saturday.

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