Develop Better Leaders

Most leadership development tools give generic, recommendations based on surface-level analysis.

Our program is different. Use our science and data to understand anyone, from new hires to senior leaders, and motivate them to produce their best work.

Stop losing great people and productivity because of ineffective managers.

For a fraction of the cost of recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding a new employee, you can learn the strengths and growth areas for your team and retain staff.

Retain Top Talent...

... while inspiring them to do their best work.

What you'll get:


✅ Access to our Leadership and Management Certification Program

✅ 2 individual and 2 team coaching sessions

✅ Self-awareness tools on leadership strengths and areas for growth

✅ Interpersonal relationship insights and conflict prevention tools 

✅ Access to The Predictive Index's Inspire Module


This assumes the leader has a team of 8 people or less.